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My name is Demi! I'm a student Nurse.

This is my world, my bubble, my goals.

The purpose of this blog is to keep me motivated :)


Lucy Mecklenburgh

A figure like this please.

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#selfie #me #blonde #blueeyes #dayoff #happy

#selfie #me #blonde #blueeyes #dayoff #happy

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#me  #selfie  #dayoff  #blueeyes  #blonde  #happy 
Sooo I bought my first car today! A wee citroen c1 :) so happy!!!!!!!!! :)

Sooo I bought my first car today! A wee citroen c1 :) so happy!!!!!!!!! :)

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gentle reminder that cleopatra’s beauty is rumored to have started wars in ancient history

gentle reminder that people are evolving to be more and more attractive

gentle reminder that your beauty probably would have started at least 2 wars by now if you lived in 30 BC

wat a gently delivered compliment thank u

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I am SICK and TIRED of people objecting to seeing women using their breasts for what they are actually for. BREASTFEEDING IS NOT VULGAR OR OBSCENE.

And the award winning one:

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Luhan Leader Rumour.

There’s a lot of speculation as to who will be the new leader since Kris left.

There’s a huge rumour spreading that it will be Luhan. Has this been confirmed? I’m just wondering as I thought they would pick Lay considering he was originally supposed to be the leader pre-debut then they changed it to Kris just before debuting.

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